Empowering and healing⭐︎Lotus flower and a crystal clear "dewdrop" on lotus leaf

It's a beautiful morning 

after the long and heavy rain

I went for a little walk around a temple nearby.


I saw


a beautiful lotus flower 


and a crystal clear dewdrop on the leaf.


It rolled and almost fell off as I touched the leaf.

It empowered me and healed me.




Thank you for reading


Good luck to you, too.

I pray for the corona virus to stop spreading


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【Story Challenge 】 No.3 Making sweets with Lil Bottles

Japnese version↓↓↓





Aya and Chii are in the kitchen, looking cross.



There are big mixing bowls, whisks, and some baking molds and things on the kitchen work surface.


They had some lumps of egg white from last night,


so mother said they can do baking by themselves.



The girls were excited.


Aya and Chii can cook very well because they had helped mother many times.



“Just call me when you use the oven, ok?”

She went out of the kitchen.



But there was one problem.



Aya wanted to make financiers with oblong molds.

Chii wanted to make them with heart shaped molds.



Aya said,

“Because that’s what it should look like.”


Chii said,

“Heart shaped ones are better because there are more zig-zags all around.”



 Lil Bottle Rose and Lil Bottle Lavender looked at the girls in turn.




“I know!”

The girls cried, simultaneously.


“We can each make our own. We have Lil Bottles to help us”

, and started laughing together.




…What do they mean?



Aya took out rum from the fridge and poured some in Lil Bottle Rose and Lil Bottle Lavender.


They were surprised!


Scent of liquor filled the Lil Bottles.



“Just wait here until we call you.”

, she said.



...What’s going to happen?


The girls began weighing the ingredients.



Two lumps of egg white

80 grams of granulated sugar

100grams of butter

40 grams of flour

40 grams of almond powder



Flour and almond powder should be sifted and mixed very well.


Butter should be melted well.


Then Aya and Chii each held their whisks and beat the eggs and sugar in their own bowls, very hard.


The girls put the flour into the bowl.


When it was done nicely mixed,

The girls said,




Lil Bottle Rose and Lil Bottle Lavender, very promptly, poured rum into the girls’ mixing bowls.


What a lovely scent!


 The girls kept on mixing while they poured in melted butter.


The batter was nice and ready.


Aya put hers in oblong molds.

Chii put hers in heart shaped molds.




,Chii called. Mother came in and preheated the oven at190 ℃.


The molds were placed on the baking tray.

It’s not hot yet.


Aya, who is the taller of the two, opened the oven door and mother put the tray in.


Aya, Chii, and the Lil Bottles waited excitedly.

The Room was filled with sweet smell.


Mother took out the burning hot baking tray and laid the baked financiers on cake racks on the dining table.  The edges are golden brown.

It’s perfect.


Aya and Chii sat by the table and swayed together while they were waiting for their financiers to cool and thinking, if they shared it to grandpa, grandma, father and mother, how many can they eat?


Lil Bottles swayed together with the girls, wishing that the girls would forget to wash them.



They were still filled with the scent of rum.


What a lovely scent!



Story by Nao♪




【Story Challenge 】 No.4 Gold medals to Lil Bottles

Japanese version↓↓↓



Lil Bottle Rose is Aya’s .


Lil Bottle Lavender is Chii’s .



They both have pretty little bowon their pink cap.


They are just the right size for a little child to hold and play along.

Aya and Chii, the mischievous little sisters, 

are sleeping in the bed.

Their room is cluttered and comfortable,

as always.


The Lil Bottles are awake, standing on the girls' desks.

The clock on the wall is tick-tocking.


Lil Bottle Rose could not sleep.

She was watching the Olympic games on TV today with everyone.

Lil Bottle Rose was thrilled to see the gymnastics.

The athletes were so cool!

The athlete ran and jumped onto something like a long bar, whirled and did all sorts of unbelievable performances and jumped off.


It was so cool!




Lil Bottle Lavender could not sleep.

The long ribbon the lady athlete held drew circles in the air after her

when she ran acround on the stage. She tossed it and landed in her hands again.

It seemed magical.

How elegant!

No, Lavender could not sleep, she was too excited.


The Lil Bottles looked at each other and nodded.


They walked quietly toward a box of Lego blocks in the corner of the room.


In the box were many partly made stuffs and bits.


Dolls and small basket and other things were in the box, too.

Rose found some perfect pieces for her and placed them in front of her.

Lavender found a ribbon with sticks attached to it. Chii got it at a summer festival.


Lavender held the stick with ribbon and waited elegantly for her turn.


Rose took a deep breath and ran toward the blocks, jumped, and with a beautiful turn landed on the bar!


She almost lost balance but she didn’t fall off.

She was so excited. She jumped off the blocks and posed an athlete pose.


Lavender whirled the ribbon.


It was shorter than the Olympian’s , but it was colorful and pretty!


When Lavender ran from one end of the line on the floor to the other end,

the ribbon followed her!

“ It’s fun!”

They enjoyed it so much that they did it over and over again.



It’s morning.

Aya and Chii woke up,

and with their sleepy eyes, they said


“Didn’t we put Lil Bottle here last night?”


The girls always have breakfast with them where could they be?


“ Look Aya!”

, said Chii.

There, in the corner of the room, Lil Bottle Rose was fast asleep on the floor,

In front of Lego blocks laid like a balance beam.


Lavender was wrapped up in the ribbon stick.


The girls understood what had happened.


They looked at each other, smiled, and hurried  to their writing desks.


From the drawer, they pulled out shiny gold medals they got at kindergarten sports festival.


Very quietly, they laid the gold medals beside the sleeping bottles.


“ Well done Lil Bottles♪ Gold medals to you!“


The girls went out of the room by themselves and said let’s have breakfast by ourselves,

just for today.

The Lil Bottles must be very tired and sleepy today♪


Story by Nao♪   


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【Gardening Challenge】Day 8 Herb garden ⭐︎Basil flowers



White basil flowers

I took photo of these in July because I thought it was pretty.




 I learned that it's  edible‼︎


The next time I see it flowering,

I'll  try the taste.


Rosemary, thyme,oregano,mint...

They are also growing well.



【Story Challenge 】 No.2 Lil Bottles' Adventure

Japanese version↓↓↓



Lil Bottle Rose and Lil Bottle Lavender are best friends.

They love to play with Aya and Chii, the little sisters who are genius at creating fun games.


It’ raining outside.

Rose and Lavender are looking at the raindrops trickling down the window.




Leaves of the tree in the  garden are bowing low with heavy rain.


In the dining room, Aya and Chii are discussing how to make clothes for Lil Bottle Rose and Lil Bottle Lavender.


They picked some pretty patches from the sewing box and laid them on the table.


Rose and Lavender stood by them on the table.


They watched the girls and the rain, and the girls again, and then they noticed something in the sewing box.


“Look! What’s that? It’s pretty”

, said Rose.


In the sewing box

was a small square cushion with many colored pearls on it, white, yellow, green...



“There it is♪”

Chii said and picked the white pearl and pulled it out.


It shone!


It was a saber with pearl grip.

It was so beautiful.

Lil Bottles gasped.



Chii pinned the edge of a pretty cloth with the saber.


“Keep it like this with the marking pin and sew from this end to that end. If we thread the ribbon, we can make a pretty cape.”

, explained Aya.

The girls began.


Rose and Lavender looked at each other and smiled.



With a cape


A pearl grip saber…


It’s ADVENTURE time!


It must be exciting.

They can fly in the air if the little girls hold them up.  



 As they were becoming dreamy, pearls in the sewing box came in sight again.


“I like that one.”

Rose pointed to the shiny white pearl.

“I Like that one.”

Lavender pointed to the shiny yellow one.


They couldn’t resist it and went closer to the sewing box.

They pulled out the pearls like Chii did.


I’t shone!


how beautiful it is!


Rose and Lavender walked to the window with the saber in their hands. 


Raindrops are trickling down the window.


“Wouldn’t it be fun if we can pierce the raindrops with this?”

“Let’s try."


So, off they went  into the rainy garden.





They tried very hard,

but they couldn’t make it.


“Oh well, I thought it would be pretty to see crystal drops pierced through, but never mind.”



They looked up at the big tree in the garden.


They have seen it many times but now that they have a closer look, it looks even bigger.


“If we can get up to that branch, maybe we can see Aya and Chii in the house.”

“Let’s do that!”



 Rose and Lavender hurried to the tree.

It looked even more bigger.


Rose took hold of the saber with both hands.


It shone!


Rose stung the saber on the tree trunk

and clung to the pearl grip,


then bounced as the needle went up and down.



“Look Lavender! We can jump up to that branch bouncing like this.”


Lavender followed.



 Rose and Lavender bounced up and down for a moment and then,


with a




Jumped up onto the branch.



They landed just where they wanted.


From up on the branch, they could see the little girls in the house!


“We can see them!”




Meanwhile, the little girls were so busy making the cape that they didn’t notice Rose and Lavender were gone.


They finally finished.

It was a very pretty cape.


When they were putting things away,

they realized that two pins were missing.


Mother had always told them to count pins and needles after using them.

It can be very dangerous, she says.


“Lil Bottle is missing, too.”

Aya checked under the table.

Chii checked under the chair cushion.


 They wondered

and when they turned their heads to the window,


there they were,


looking at the girls,


from a tree.



“How did you get there!”

They were amazed.


 When they saw the shining pins on the tree trunk, they understood.


 “Let’s go, we have to save them.”

 The girls ran to get their umbrella.


 Rose and Lavender

didn’t know how to get off the tree.



Chii held the umbrella so that Aya won’t get wet,


and Aya tiptoed with her hands up, like a bowl.


Rose and Lavender jumped into Aya’s palms.


“What a brave bottle you are. I’ll dry you with towel when we get inside. You can put on your cape and your saber. Tell us all about your adventure.”

, said Aya.


“Use the saber only when you’re playing, ok? It can be very dangerous, you know. I understand how you feel, it’s so pretty.”


, said Chii. She pulled out the pins from the tree. She didn’t forget to stroke the trunk gently, it must have hurt…


Rose and Lavender were very happy.

Where will they go next?


story by Nao♪




【Gardening Challenge】Day 7 On Mother's Day

On Thanks Mother's Day in May this year


I gathered flowers from my garden

and made a little bouquet as a present for my mother.


It was a small one, but it was colorful.

I was proud of myself that I raised so many flowers.


Red rose, white rose, pale purple rose ,orange  gerbera,yellow gerbera,lavender,and mint leaves♪


I was happy that I could give something pretty that I have made.

She deserves the best.

I was happy that I could share a little time with her.  

I was happy to see her smile♪




【Story Challenge 】No.1 Lil Bottles' New Home


Japanese version↓↓↓




The sky is clear and blue.

The lake is big and blue.


Summer breeze is sweeping over the big lake,


and you can see the waves rippling.




From the window of a little shop just by the lake,


all you can see is clear blue

of the sky and the lake.



The little shop

is nice and comfortable.


Wooden shelves are set on the cream colored walls. On the shelves are musical boxes, snowdomes, small clocks, and wooden squirrels and rabbits and many other more.


On a shelf close to the window, a bunch of “little bottles” with their pink round caps nest together.


The round caps have each a bow with different colors.


It’s very small,

you can just about see those pink caps if a small child holds the bottle.


The Lil Bottle with lavender colored bow whispered to Lil  Bottle with rose red  bow.


“Look, here they come."





A white car came from far along the road,

and stopped in front of the shop.


Two little girls popped out from the car, one in pale blue dress, the other in pale yellow.


They came into the shop hands in hands.


They went straight to the shelf by the window, and one said,


 “Here it is!  It’s still there!”

The bigger girl tiptoed and  took the “Lil Bottle”  Rose.


 “ Me, too. I want the one with the lavender bow.”

The little girl asked her sister to take one.



The bigger girl is Aya.

The little girl is Chii.



They were spending the summer holidays by the big lake with their grandparents.  Grandma said they can choose something they like for a souvenir.


They wanted the little bottle they saw in the shop by the lake.



 Lil Bottle Rose and Lil Bottle Lavender

were neatly packed in pretty paper bags, and into the car they went.




 “I’m nervous…”



 Lil Bottle Rose and Lil Bottle Lavender are on their way to the little girls’  home,

 their new home.




It’s midnight.


In the nursery the star shaped light is gently showing toys and pieces scattered on the girls’ writing desks.


There, on the desk  

Lil Bottle Rose and Lil Bottle Lavender

were standing straight,


Rose on Aya’s and

Lavender on Chii’s desk.


The two desks were on far sides of the room.


The girls were sleeping on the bed between them.




The girls are together all the time.


Lil Bottles were still very nervous so they woke up all night.



It’s morning...

After breakfast, Aya and Chii brought the Lil Bottles downstairs.


 “ What are we going to do today, Aya?”

, asked Chii.

“ We are going to do  The  Blending.”


The girls put some water in their Lil Bottles

and then some more from the room fragrance spray bottle.




 “ What a nice smell!”


The Lil Bottles were astonished at first,

and then became dreamy.


 “ We are the lovely perfumes...."


The Perfume-Lil Bottles

felt like princess and sat up very straight, with their heads high.


The girls held the bottles in their hands and sang and danced around.




That Night

The Lil Bottles were back on the girls’ desks, washed and dried.


They gazed at the sleeping girls.

“ Oh, wasn’t that fun today? ”

“Sure it was!”

They were talking in whisper.





The next day...

This time Chii said

“ Let’s play faries”




The girls brought origami papers and color pencils and tissue box on the dining table.


They made fairy wings with tissue papers and stuck it on the back of  

Lil  Bottle Rose  and Lil Bottle Lavender.


Placing Rose on a blue origami sheet,

Aya said,

 “Mine is fairy of the Lake”



Chii put hers on some leaves from the garden

and said,

“Mine is fairy of the leaves”


With their fluffy wings,

the Lil Bottles felt as if they could fly.



That night...

The Lil Bottles  were talking excitedly  as they gazed at the sleeping girls, almost falling off the edge of the bed.


 “I really think this house is magical, don’t you?”

“Oh, yes!  What will happen tomorrow?”


The Lil Bottles sighed a very  contented sigh,

and they were sure they could sleep very well that night.



It’s a very sunny morning


The girls decided to go to a park nearby.

They took their favorite bag,

and in it they put handkerchief and tissues


of course their Lil Bottle Rose and Lavender.




The park is just aross the street.

They headed for the swing.

Aya stood on it and swung.

Chii sat and started to swing, very hard.


" Oh!"

Chii fell off and rolled over.


"It hurts, my hands, my knees!"

She was about to burst into tears.



Aya came right away and took out her Lil Bottle Rose.


Rose got it.

" Here I come! I'm the sanitizer fairy!"

,cried she.


"Here I come!  I'm the medicine fairy!"

, cried Lavender.


They knew they only had water in them

but they did their best to sooth her pain.


"See, the little bottles did a good job.It doesn't hurt any more, does it?"

, said Aya.


" It's gone! "

, Chii replied in surprise.


She wasn't  crying.

Rose and Lavender did a little hurray *\(^o^)/*



That night....

" What shall we be tomorrow?"

"What shall we do tomorrow, I'm so excited."


Rose and Lavender talked about their dreams as they gazed at the sleeping girls.


Story by Nao♪

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